Licence to Operate Steam Turbine

Licence to Operate Steam Turbine

Course Overview

This course is designed to ensure that participants have the skills and knowledge required to operate a steam turbine for licensing purposes, and covers the operation of any steam turbine (except a steam turbine that produces a power output of less than 500 kW).

This course requires the operator to plan the work, carry out pre-operational safety checks, start the steam turbine, monitor steam turbine operation, and shut-down the steam turbine.

This course is based upon the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work. 

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Performance Criteria

  • Plan work
  • Start-up steam turbine
  • Monitor steam turbine operation
  • Shutdown steam turbine

Course Outline

  • Accurate recording and maintenance of information relating to operation of a steam turbine
  • Compliance with legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice and established safe practices and procedures for starting, operating, shutting down and maintaining a steam turbine
  • Diagnostic and testing techniques as applied to steam turbines
  • Efficient and safe conduct when starting, operating, shutting down and maintaining a steam turbine
  • Use of appropriate communication techniques with colleagues and others
  • Use of relevant tools and equipment
  • Verification of problems and steam turbine equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response procedures
  • Basic principles of heat transfer and thermodynamics
  • WHS legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice relevant to the full range of techniques for operating steam turbines
  • Confined space awareness and the limits for entry into a confined space.
  • Environmental protection requirements relating to the disposal of waste material and storage of environmentally hazardous materials
  • Established communication channels and protocols in the workplace
  • Safety data sheets and material handling methods
  • Organisational and workplace standards, requirements, policies and procedures
  • Procedures for the recording, reporting and maintenance of workplace records and information
  • Understanding of the hierarchy of hazard identification and control
  • Typical routine problems encountered in the process and with equipment and adjustments required for correction


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Licence to Operate Steam Turbine

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UEPOPL001A - Licence to operate a steam turbine