2015 Work-related traumatic injury fatalities report now available

2015 Work-related traumatic injury fatalities report now available


Safe Work Australia has published the latest Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities report, providing details on the number of people who have died in Australia from work-related injuries.

The report shows that in 2015, 195 workers died from injuries received at work. This continues the positive downward trend in the worker fatality rate with 1.6 fatalities per 100,000 workers recorded in 2015 - the lowest rate since the report series began in 2003.

“The report provides statistics about people who die each year at work,” said Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter.

“This includes fatalities resulting from an injury at work, and as a bystander resulting from someone else’s work.”

In 2015, male workers accounted for 96 per cent of fatalities while almost 60 per cent of work-related fatalities involved vehicles. Almost half of worker fatalities occurred in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry (52 fatalities) or the transport, postal and warehousing industry (40 fatalities).

It’s important to note that these reports are based on information from a number of sources and data are constantly reviewed, which may change estimates as more information comes to hand.

The report is now available on the Safe Work Australia website.