Funded Training

Funded Training
Funded Training
Funded Training
Funded Training

What we do

WorkSafe Connect has successfully secured a range of funding options that work in combination with our clients’ investment in training services.

Depending on your situation, you or your employees may be entitled to subsidised training to assist with training fees. The aim of any of the funded options is to assist eligible individuals or employers to access vocational education and training and complete formal qualifications.

How we do it

WorkSafe Connect has offered funded training to individuals and employers for over 5 years. Whether it is a single course or sophisticated and custom designed training program, we have the experience, management skills and understanding to deliver a successful outcome.

Our range of funded training programs include:

  • Certificate III Guarantee – Queensland
  • User Choice – Queensland
  • Higher Level Skills Program – Queensland
  • Construction Skills Queensland - Queensland

How we can help

Government and Industry Groups provide targeted investment through a number of different vocational education and training investment programs to assist individuals, industry and employers train and upskill for the future.

As a pre-qualified supplier, in formulating the best training plan for both individuals and employers alike, WorkSafe Connect is able to draw on funded training options as part of a complete package to ensure that we always deliver the most cost effective training solution.

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From the first communication to the completed delivery of a program, WorkSafe Connect strives to deliver the highest quality in all facets of the business. We have built a great reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable and innovative. Our services transform the performance of your teams.


WorkSafe Connect look for efficient methods, flexible solutions and forward thinking to ensure the future needs of a company or individual are considered and prepared for. We drive continuous improvement both within our business and for the people/ companies we work with. We develop flexible services to suit changing needs and requirements.


Our clients trust us to add value to their business and deliver a return on their investment. We work with you to identify a solution for your specific needs, develop solutions to satisfy those needs and add value to ensure that your objectives and performance targets are met.