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Affiliate Services

What we do

WorkSafe Connect is a leading supplier of affiliate services (alternatively known as an SRTO or partner arrangements) to the mining, infrastructure and consultancy sectors.

Forming part of a client’s training platform, WorkSafe Connect has identified that an affiliate service arrangement can often be the most effective and flexible method of delivering high quality, just in time training to your team.

With over 10 years experience in this area, we are able to design, train, implement and support either the initial rollout or handover over of existing affiliate arrangements while always ensuring that compliance and quality assurance standards are met.

While providing the material, framework and support required to deliver accredited training, we put you firmly in control of your training schedule, ensuring your business needs and objectives are met in line with your own requirements.

How we do it

WorkSafe Connect is proud to have developed affiliations with a number of leading organisation’s within the resource, infrastructure and consultancy sectors. Having proudly supported some of Australia’s largest companies as affiliates, we continue to refine our process to ensure that we continue to add value and help them achieve their business objective.

An affiliation will allow you to:

  • Deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to your employees;
  • Be assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments your employees receive;
  • Manage your in-house training programs rather than outsourcing the work;
  • Deliver training both on and off-site;
  • Customise the courseware to coincide with your organisation’s systems and procedures;
  • Provide your workforce with pathways for career development; and
  • Deliver training that focuses on the skills and competencies your organisation requires.

How we can help

Becoming a WorkSafe Connect affiliate means your organisation gains the convenience and flexibility of delivering nationally accredited training, without the need for the investment in the resources and infrastructure required to establish and maintain an RTO.

WorkSafe Connect provides all the benefits of being your own RTO without the associated administrative and compliance burdens, leaving you to focus on your core business.

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From the first communication to the completed delivery of a program, WorkSafe Connect strives to deliver the highest quality in all facets of the business. We have built a great reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable and innovative. Our services transform the performance of your teams.


WorkSafe Connect look for efficient methods, flexible solutions and forward thinking to ensure the future needs of a company or individual are considered and prepared for. We drive continuous improvement both within our business and for the people/ companies we work with. We develop flexible services to suit changing needs and requirements.


Our clients trust us to add value to their business and deliver a return on their investment. We work with you to identify a solution for your specific needs, develop solutions to satisfy those needs and add value to ensure that your objectives and performance targets are met.