Code Of Practice Compliance

Code Of Practice Compliance


Changes to Queensland work health and safety laws see Code of Practice compliance having a greater impact on organisations. The key updates to be aware of include:

  • A breach of a Code of Practice (COP) is now a chargeable offense
  • If a business chooses to conduct work in a manner different to that prescribed in the COP, they must be able to show that the standard to which they are operating meets or exceeds the relevant COP
  • Codes of Practice will expire after five years
  • Fulfillment of Codes of Practice includes compliance with the Australian Standards

The changes to Code of Practice compliance aligns with the passing of the Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017, which was the result of a Best Practice Review following two high profile incidents in Queensland in 2016.

Amendments have been made to:

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Electrical Safety Act 2002
  • Safety in Recreational Water Activities Act 2011

Codes of Practice Checklist

A code of practice provides practical health and safety guidance for your business to ensure that relevant standards are met, and risks are managed. On July 1, 2018, the new compliance rules came into effect, requiring duty holders to comply with an approved code of practice.

Duty holders may, for the subject matter in the code, follow another method such as a technical or an industry standard on the basis that it provides an equivalent or higher standard.

You can improve compliance with the amended Code of Practice legislation through a range of options including:

  • Engaging an expert to audit your compliance with Codes of Practice (COP)
  • Organising training for current and future Health and Safety Representatives (HSR)
  • Appoint a Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO), who holds the correct documentation (as per April 1, 2018 requirements)

Workplace health and safety needs to be a top of mind priority as the new amendments enforce that non-compliance is not an option. Consistent training across all areas of safety for your workplace is the best safeguard to prevent risks and ensure all your employees and customers return home every day.

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