Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface Program - Time to refresh

Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface Program - Time to refresh


Last month, the Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface Programme reached its 5-year anniversary since being introduced by the Queensland Government.

The Generic Induction (GI) Programme is the first step in ensuring that all individuals working on mine sites have the capability to operate safely in their roles. The Standard 11 or GI Programme provides training and assessment for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Units of Competency which are specified in Recognised Standard 11, Training in Coal Mines (Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999).

As part of the Mining Legislation that was implemented in 2011, those working on coal sites are required to refresh your competencies every 5 years.

WorkSafe Connect has recently kicked off its Refresher Program and will be offering its 1-day course in Brisbane, Townsville and onsite on a weekly basis. This is in addition to running the 2-day full course also on a weekly basis.

As one of Queensland’s leading providers of the Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface Programme, WorkSafe Connect is committed to offering a high-quality refresher program.

Acknowledging that many of our clients have been operating on mine sites over the last 5 years, our program is designed to bring you up to speed with changes in the industry and training packages, complement your current knowledge and review your most recent experience and currency levels.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a new statement of attainment (including the latest units of competency) along with a generic induction qualification card.

If you have any questions regarding this refresher obligation, the requirements to sit this course or would like to look at onsite options for group training then please get in touch with the WorkSafe Connect team. Key information regarding the courses we offer can be found by clicking the following links:

Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface - Refresher

Standard 11 - GI Coal Surface - Full Course