Taking Care of Your Mates - R U Ok Day

Taking Care of Your Mates - R U Ok Day


One of the great Australian values is mateship. This quintessential Australian trait sees us look for our mates at work, at a sporting event or a night out at the pub.

But how many of us notice when something is wrong mentally with our mates? Do we take the time to stop and ask if they are Ok?

September 8th was national R U OK day? A time to stop and check in on your mates to make sure that they are traveling alright.

By asking this simple question, we are giving them an open platform to voice any concerns that they may have in a comforting and open environment.

So don’t forget to ask R U OK?

To gain more information on R U OK? Day or tips on starting a conversation with a mate, loved one or colleague go to www.ruok.org.au