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Forklift Licence (Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck)

Forklift Licence (Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck)

  • Duration3 Days
  • Competency

    TLILIC0003 - Licence to operate a forklift truck

  • Locations

    Gold Coast

  • $595.00
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Forklift Licence - Overview

This course ensures that participants have the skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift truck safely in accordance with all relevant legislative requirements.

Forklift truck means a powered industrial truck equipped with lifting media made up of a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other attachments that can be raised 900mm or more above the ground, but does not include a pedestrian-operated truck or a pallet truck.

Competence in this unit, does not in itself result in a HRW licence to operate this plant.

A person performing this work is required to hold a forklift truck High Risk Work Licence (HRWL).

Upcoming Training Courses

Townsville: Forklift Licence (Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck)

8:00am 11th November 2020 to 4:30pm 13th November 2020

8:00am 16th December 2020 to 4:30pm 18th December 2020

CSQ Funding Options Available

You may be eligible to receive CSQ funding for this course if you are a worker or an apprentice / trainee in the building and construction industry:

  • Workers (employed or unemployed) - CSQ funding of $446.00
  • Apprentices & Trainees (employed or unemployed) - CSQ funding of $557.50 (fully subsidised; no additional cost)

For full details on eligibility, please get in touch with a member of the WorkSafe Connect team today.

Performance Criteria

  • Plan work
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Shift load
  • Shut down and secure forklift truck

Course Outline

  • Accurately interpret information relating to conducting forklift truck operations (e.g. procedures)
  • Safely conduct forklift truck operations including all functions to the maximum height and load capacity
  • Identify hazards associated with the operation of the forklift truck, assess risks and put into place effective hazard prevention/control measures for those hazards identified
  • Verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response procedures
  • Methodology of determining the weight of a load
  • WHS legislation, standards relevant to the safe operation for the forklift trucks
  • Understanding of forklift characteristics and capabilities (including use of load data plates)
  • Understanding of the hierarchy of hazard identification and control
  • Organisational and workplace standards, requirements, policies and procedures
  • Procedures for the recording, reporting and maintenance of workplace records and information
  • Forklift truck operations and safe operating techniques
  • Typical routine problems encountered in the operation of the crane and equipment and adjustments required for correction



327 Bayswater Road
QLD 4814


Gate 2, Building 1
Construction Training Centre
460-492 Beaudesert Road
Salisbury, Brisbane
QLD 4107

Gold Coast

1 Habana Street
Queensland 4212

Course ID: 476 - Forklift Licence (Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck)