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S123 (QMS) Site Supervisor

$650.00 (2.5 Days)
$650.00 (2.5 Days)

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S123 (QMS) Site Supervisor


S123 (QMS) Site Supervisor (RIIRIS301ERIIWHS301ERIICOM301E

S123 is a mandated requirement for Site Supervisors and Site Safety Health Representatives (SSHR) in the Queensland Mining Industry.

WorkSafe Connect has been delivering mining and quarrying training courses for over 15 years and is one of Queensland’s leading suppliers of both the full and refresher S123 program (also known as QMS or G1,G8,G9).

This 2.5-day course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to apply risk management processes, conduct safety and health investigations and communicate within the mining industry and is compulsory for all Supervisors and Site Safety Health Representatives (SSHR) to be appointed on Qld Mine Sites.

The program is made up of the following nationally accredited units of competency:

  • RIIRIS301E Apply Risk Management Processes
  • RIIWHS301E Conduct Safety and Health Investigations
  • RIICOM301E Communicate Information

Available Dates

Townsville Training

Bayswater Road, Garbutt, Townsville, QLD 4814

7:30am 12th December to 12:30pm 14th December 2022

7:30am 6th February to 4:30pm 8th February 2023

7:30am 6th March to 4:30pm 8th March 2023

7:30am 3rd April to 12:30pm 5th April 2023

Brisbane Training

Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Road, Salisbury, Brisbane, QLD 4107

7:30am 13th December to 4:30pm 15th December 2022

7:30am 22nd March to 4:30pm 24th March 2023

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CSQ Funding Options

You may be eligible to receive Construction Skills Queensland funding for this course if you are a worker or an apprentice / trainee in the building and construction industry.

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Reviews and testimonials

Dan is a great trainer with excellent knowledge. He made all the resources easy to understand.
Sunil G, Townsville

Timely and well run course. Easy to follow and interactive. Applicable info for my role and delivered well. Good environment to learn in.
Andre A, Brisbane

Greg was very knowledgeable and communicated effectively and made the course interesting through interactive teaching.
David C, Townsville

James was very helpful. I have left feeling confident when I return to work.
Tom R, Townsville

Course Details

The S123 course is mandatory for Supervisors and SSHRs in Qld’s mining industry.

S123 (QMS) course topics include:

  • Risk management and undertaking the hazard identification process
  • Analyse risks, assess risks and recommend treatment
  • Contribute to the implementation of treatments and monitor effectiveness
  • Application of safety and health investigative processes
  • Collection and analysis of evidence as part of identifying contributing factors relevant to an incident or potential incident
  • Identification and documentation of actions to resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence of similar incidents
  • Addressing various communication methods including potential barriers and the skills/tools to solve these issues
  • Communication of work activity information, follow ups and recording actions and outcomes
  • Recognising and addressing conflict in the workplace including the resolution process

Training will be conducted by one of our experienced trainer assessors who have resource industry currency, strong knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards.

Practical and theoretical activities drive the training experience to ensure that the training is engaging, interesting and relevant.

WorkSafe Connect is able to offer this course

  • Face to Face – Public Courses (Brisbane and Townsville)
  • Face to Face – Onsite (at your site / workplace)
  • Virtual – Video – Led Instructor Based Training (live)

If you would like to discuss delivery options in more detail, then please get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and options in more detail.

To complete the course, students must successfully complete all assessments connected to the 3 competencies outlined below.

All assessments are completed during the course – no assessment activities need to be completed prior to or post the training course.

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, students will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the following units of competency:

  • RIIRIS301E Apply Risk Management Processes
  • RIIWHS301E Conduct Safety and Health Investigations
  • RIICOM301E Communicate Information

Under the Queensland Coal Mining Regulations, competency must be refreshed every 5 years.

If you have any questions regarding which S123 (QMS) – Site Supervisor / Site Supervisors and Site Safety Health Representatives (SSHR) course is most suitable for you then please get in touch with a member of the WorkSafe Connect team today.

You may be eligible to receive CSQ funding for this course if you work in the building & construction industry in Queensland.

If eligible, you will receive funding of $467.00, which means an out of pocket expense of $183.00.

For further details, please click here or get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

S123 is a mandated requirement for Site Supervisors and Site Safety Health Representatives (SSHR) in the Queensland Mining Industry.

The course consists of a skill set of 3 nationally accredited competencies that the Queensland Mining Advisory Committee has identified that a site supervisor or site safety health representatives (SSHR) needs to hold.

The competencies included are as follows:

  • RIIRIS301E Apply Risk Management Processes
  • RIIWHS301E Conduct Safety and Health Investigations
  • RIICOM301E Communicate Information

The Site Senior Executive (SSE) cannot appoint a person to either of these roles without the person holding these competencies.

The Queensland Advisory Committee for both hard rock and coal mining requires site supervisors and site safety health representatives (SSHR) to hold the S123 Site Supervisor qualification.

This course has been known by other names and depending on the industry it may be referred to as G1, G8, G9 or QMS.

Yes, you can.

WorkSafe Connect does offer Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) as an option and you will need to provide evidence to address the criteria for each unit of competency. Based on our experience this process can often take longer and is more expensive than 1 day training course, but we are always more than happy to talk through what option might be best for you.

Please contact WorkSafe Connect to discuss this option in more detail.

Your S123 (QMS) Site Supervisor qualification must be refreshed every 5 years under the Coal Mining Regulations.

Sites outside of coal mining will factor the refresher into their training scheme or standard and we would suggest that you check with the site you are working on or travelling to ensure that you are aware of their specific refresher requirements.

This is the next level of risk management training to the unit in the S123 (QMS) Site Supervisor qualification and involves completion of the following unit of competency:

RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process

Based on experience, we find that some mines will also require a supervisor to hold the G2 qualification which we offer as a 1-day training course.

For further information please see our G2 – Risk Management course page: