Asbestos: Understanding your responsibilities in the workplace Asbestos: Understanding your responsibilities in the workplace

Asbestos: Understanding your responsibilities in the workplace


Do you manage or control a workplace? As a duty holder under the WHS Act, you have responsibilities to protect anyone who works with asbestos.

Safe Work Australia has recently completed an awareness campaign focussed on raising awareness of how to work safely with asbestos and understand your responsibilities under the law.

The manufacture and use of asbestos products was banned nationally from 31 December 2003. This ban applies to manufacture, supply, storage, sale, use, reuse, installation and replacement of asbestos.

Safe Work Australia has reported that 176 Australians are compensated each year for asbestos-related illness. This equates to $85 million in payments. The occupations most at risk are trades workers, labourers and machinery operators and drivers.

If you are a duty holder, there are a few things you must do under the laws, to ensure you are working with asbestos safely.

1.You must have an asbestos register

2.You must have asbestos management plan

3.You must control asbestos in your workplace

4.You must hold the right training and licensing

5.You must monitor your workers’ health

Safe Work Australia has also recently released a series of videos focussed on how to manage asbestos in the workplace, including:

WorkSafe Connect can confirm that we have funding available for a range of asbestos related courses for the 2017-18 period. This funding comes via Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and for this reason it is only available to certain Queensland-based individuals or companies that meet certain eligibility criteria.

The Short Courses program provides funding to assist with upskilling and cross skilling existing workers in the building and construction industry and is available for the following training courses:

Asbestos General Awareness Training (non-accredited)

Supervise Asbestos Removal

Remove Non-Friable Asbestos

Remove Friable Asbestos

For further information please contact your relevant local government authority or contact WorkSafe Connect to talk through training and advisory options available to you in Brisbane, Townsville or onsite anywhere in Queensland.