Mandatory Training for Health and Safety Representatives

Mandatory Training for Health and Safety Representatives


  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) training now mandatory
  • 6 months to complete training post-election
  • 1 January 2019 cut off for existing HSRs

Changes to the mandatory responsibility of the Workplace in the appointment, negotiation, and training of Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) took effect on July 1, 2018.

Mandatory Training

It is now a mandatory requirement for all HSRs to complete the relevant and approved training course within six months of their election to be eligible. Any HSR without the required training is not qualified to fulfill their role and must be replaced.

The training that must be completed is a five-day course (as approved by the regulator) with refresher training every three years. Existing HSRs who have not completed their training have until 1 January 2019, before they will need to be replaced.

WorkSafe Connect is a WHSQ approved Registered Training Organisation for this training which forms part of its Work Health and Safety Skill Set of Courses which includes:

Obligations of a PCBU

In Queensland, any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) is obligated to provide workers with the opportunity to elect as many HSRs as they choose. In addition to this obligation, PCBUs must ensure that they:

  • Keep a current list of all HSRs and Deputy HSRs and display this list in the workplace
  • Notify WHSQ of their current HSRs and PINs issued to the Regulator at or by calling 1300 362 128
  • Start negotiations with workers regarding workgroups within 14 days of a request to nominate an HSR and involve a worker's representative if requested
  • Pay all reasonable costs for relevant courses the HSR requires to attend
  • Provide consistent resources, facilities and assistance for an HSR to carry out their functions and allow the HSR to exercise their entitlements during their working hours

Where workers elect their own HSR, the workplace must provide the assistance and resource for all workers to vote in an election. The term of an HSR/deputy is three years and ceases only if:

  • They leave the workgroup
  • Are disqualified or resign
  • The majority of the workgroup deem the representative not effective

WorkSafe Connect has ongoing courses available to ensure that your team is compliant in all areas. Please contact a member of the WorkSafe Connect team today to discuss your specific requirements.

Information used in this article was gathered from industry sources in including WorkSafe Queensland: