Refresher - Standard 11 Generic Coal Induction (GI) - Surface

Course Overview

Standard 11 (S11) Refresher Training Course Brisbane, Townsville or Onsite.

Are you looking for a Refresher Standard 11 (S11) Training Course in Brisbane, Townsville or Onsite?

WorkSafe Connect has been delivering mining induction programs for over 10 years and is one of Queensland’s leading suppliers of the Standard 11 (S11) Generic Induction refresher and full Surface Coal programs.

This 6-hour refresher course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to continue to work on a surface coal mine site in Qld. The course refreshes participants knowledge in the 6 key competencies regarding the common safety practices of Coal Mines.

To qualify for our Standard 11 (S11) Generic Induction Refresher program we require participants to supply evidence of prior qualifications along with a record of your more recent experience. These would include being able to provide us with the following key documents/information:

  • Previous Statement of Attainment for the Standard 11 Generic Induction
  • Completion of the WorkSafe Connect record of experience 
  • A Current Resume

Consistent with the full 2-day Standard 11 course, our refresher program is made up of the following 6 nationally accredited units of competency (which are recognised by the QLD Department of Mines as the core S11 modules):

RIICOM201D   Communicate in the workplace

RIIGOV201D   Comply with site work processes/procedures

RIIWHS201D   Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures

RIIRIS201D      Conduct local risk control

RIIERR205D    Apply initial response First Aid

RIIERR302D    Respond to local emergencies and incidents

Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will obtain a credit card sized ‘Competency ID Card’ along with the brand new and up to date nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in both electronic and hard copy form.

WorkSafe Connect offers both our Standard 11 1-day refresher course along with our 2-day Standard 11 full course on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions regarding which Standard 11 (S11) course is most suitable for you then please get in touch with a member of the WorkSafe Connect team today.


Upcoming Training:

28-08-2019 to 28-08-2019
30-08-2019 to 30-08-2019
11-09-2019 to 11-09-2019
13-09-2019 to 13-09-2019
25-09-2019 to 25-09-2019
27-09-2019 to 27-09-2019
09-10-2019 to 09-10-2019
11-10-2019 to 11-10-2019
23-10-2019 to 23-10-2019
25-10-2019 to 25-10-2019
06-11-2019 to 06-11-2019
08-11-2019 to 08-11-2019
20-11-2019 to 20-11-2019
22-11-2019 to 22-11-2019
04-12-2019 to 04-12-2019
06-12-2019 to 06-12-2019
18-12-2019 to 18-12-2019
20-12-2019 to 20-12-2019

Performance Criteria

  • Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • Apply initial response first aid
  • Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • Conduct local risk control
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Respond to local emergencies and incidents

Course Outline

  • Legislation
  • General safety
  • Managing workplace hazards
  • Risk management
  • Isolation and tagging procedures
  • Traffic and mobile equipment procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Life saving first aid
  • Fire fighting and fire prevention
  • The environment
  • The work process


What is the Generic Induction Coal Surface Refresher?

The Generic Induction Coal Surface Refresher (GI Refresher) programme has been developed with Energy Skills Queensland as part of our commitment to the ongoing quality of training and safety in the coal mining sector.

The GI Refresher, provides industry workers with essential risk assessment and safety skills required to operate safely on mine sites. It ensures knowledge and skills of coal workers are updated to enable them to identify hazards and manage risk in the workplace.

Specifically designed for the resources industry, the GI Refresher programme aligns with Queensland specific regulatory requirements for anyone continuing work in the Queensland coal mining industry.


Why do I need to do the GI Refresher/Standard 11 Induction?

You will need to do the GI Refresher if you want to remain ‘current’ in the Queensland Coal Mining Industry.

The Coal Mine Safety and Health Regulations 2001 states that each ‘coal mine worker holding a certificate of competency, is given refresher training under the mine training scheme at least once in every five years’.

To be eligible for the Standard 11 Refresher, participants must:

  • Hold the six units of competency relevant to the Standard 11 qualification
  • Had 12 TWELVE months experience in the ‘Industry’ within the last 2 years
  • Worked in the ‘Industry’ within the last 12 months.
  • If you have any questions regarding what course is the right one for you then please call us and we will be happy to work with you on determining the right course based on your experience.


    Why should I do this course with WorkSafe Connect?

    WorkSafe Connect is one of Queensland’s leading providers of the Standard 11 Generic Induction Coal Surface Program.

    Our custom program focusses on safety leadership, problem solving and decision-making skills in situations of hazard identification and risk management and is facilitated by experienced, award winning and engaging trainers.

    Regardless of your background and experience we will work with you to identify the best pathway to completing this course and offer this program weekly in Brisbane and Townsville as well as onsite.


    Will I receive a new GI Card?

    The short answer is YES

    A new GI Card (valid for another 5 (FIVE) years) will be issued post the course by Energy Skills Queensland. The GI card will also store a record of your GI training on SkillPASS.


    Will I receive a new Statement of Attainment (SoA)?

    The short answer is YES.

    Although some RTOs are only issuing statements of completion, WorkSafe Connect will issue a new Statement of Attainment for the six units of competency as the requirements of Recognised Standard 11 Surface- Training in Coal Mines.

    This will be valid for a further 5 (FIVE) years until their next refresher period.


    I do not know which site I will be on, how can I be sure your induction is suitable for my work site?

    If you are heading to a specific mine site then we do recommend to all participants to contact the mine site in advance regarding what entry requirements they require.

    While the Generic Induction has been a recognised industry standard for almost 20 years and aligns with Queensland-specific regulatory requirements for anyone working in, or wishing to work in, the Queensland coal mining industry, we do note that there are a limited number of mine sites (including those run by BMA) that do have a standalone Generic Induction Courses.

    If you have any questions regarding what course is the right one for you then please call us and we will be happy to work with you to make sure the course is suitable for your requirements.


    What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

    If you're studying nationally recognised training in Australia from 1 January 2015, you are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

    Your USI links to an online account that contains all your training records and results that you have completed from 1 January 2015 onwards and without this number we cannot issue you your statement of attainment.

    If you do not already have a USI please click on the following link to create one.


    It is a straight forward process to complete this online and you will require a Driver's Licence, Medicare Card, Australian Passport or Birth Certificate to proceed.




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    WorkSafe Connect delivers remote and onsite training, assessment and verification of competencies for high risk and industrial courses.

    Refresher - Standard 11 Generic Coal Induction (GI) - Surface

    • Award winning training
    • Practical focus
    • Flexible delivery
    1 day
    RIIWHS201D - Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
    RIIERR205D - Apply initial response first aid
    RIIGOV201D - Comply with site work processes/procedures
    RIIRIS201D - Conduct local risk control
    RIICOM201D - Communicate in the workplace
    RIIERR302D - Respond to local emergencies and incidents